China joins the (wave pool) arms race

June 19, 2019

You’ve got to hand it to the Chinese.


It seems like they’ve got a finger in just about every pie all over the world. and if recent reports are anything to go off, it appears their reach now also extends to the surfing industry. More specifically, wave pool technology.


Yep, it seems that only a couple of years since Kelly Slater unveiled his ranch in Lenmore, California, the Chinese government has managed to appropriate the technology and build their own pool in a landlocked city called Anyang.


The technology used to create the waves in said pool is based on the same tech that’s found in Slater's Surf Ranch and Wavegarden, which is a freight train that barrels down the centre of the pool creating two waves on either side; a left and a right.


Check out the most recently released footage below and let me know what you think. If I’m being honest, it looks a little odd. Like how come the foil is running after the wave? Is that even possible? Could this be a hoax?


In any case, it’s worth a gander. First release footage can be found in the second video if you want to do some snooping.





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