Does Batman surf?

May 8, 2019

It's been a crazy week already.


I was attacked by a dog, I submitted a major project for a client and I've been entertaining guests the last couple of days. By which I mean I've been manning the BBQ, keeping the fridge stocked with beers and catching a few waves when I get a chance.


On top of all of this though, or perhaps because of it, I also came across a very interesting surf clip this week. It wasn't a new webisode featuring the bumbling surf savant Occy though. Nor was it the latest edit from a bright eyed and heavily stickered flavour of the month grommet. 


The clip I'm talking about was sent to me by another friend who prefaced the footage by asking me if I think Batman or the Joker could surf. A stupid question for sure, but one that appealed to me regardless... probably because it was stupid. So I jumped on it. 


"Of course" I said. "Probably fucking shreds too".


The folllowing clip however proved me to be wrong. On many, many levels.


Have you ever wondered whether Batman can surf? Do you reckon the Joker could swing late on a third reef roll in at the Banzai and get coned of his prosthetic melon?


Check out this somewhat disturbing clip below and have all of the questions you never thought to ask, answered.




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