URBNSURF’S Melbourne based wavepool to open in spring

March 27, 2019

The first wave pool in Victoria is set to open up near Melbourne Airport’s Tullamarine location around Easter 2019.


That means in addition to eggs, offshore autumn surf and the possibility of three days in a row where you don’t have to stare at your laptop, you might also be able to grab your board and drive away from the coastline to a wave that’s always breaking. But maybe I’m getting ahead of myself.


Let’s read the presser, shall we?


URBNSURF is stoked to be building Australia’s first surf park, URBNSURF Melbourne, on Airport Drive, Tullamarine to help Victorian residents and visitors #surfmore in 2019.


Surfing is a sport enjoyed by millions of Australians for its fun, health benefits and lifestyle. Up until now, surfing has been held back by geographic limitations, only available at certain coastal locations, and by weather conditions, needing enough swell, the right wind, tide and daylight.


Our wave generator has now been installed, and our lagoon is almost ready to be filled. URBNSURF Melbourne expects to be pumping out perfect waves around Easter 2019, and will open to the public in Spring 2019.


All very good I say and I can’t wait to see the final result and more importantly, judge how it stacks up against Occy’s busted plunger and Kelly’s elitist ranch.



 My guess is it’s going to blow them out of the water. It’s also going to be the first of its kind developed next to a major metropolitan centre, with Occy’s being nearly 7 hours away from Brisbane and Kelly’s about 3 hours away from San Francisco and even further from LA.


Some other facts about URBNSURF’s Melbourne wave pool include:

  • The wave pool is essentially a 2-hectare surfing lagoon that will produce up to 1,000 surfing waves per hour

  • These will range from 0.5m to 2.0m in size

  • It can accommodate up to 84 surfers at a time broken up as 16 advanced level surfers, 8 intermediate level surfers and 44 beginner level surfers.”

  • URBNSURF intends to source 100% of its power requirements from renewable sources

  • It will operate both day and night and all year-round thanks to LED lighting

  • 45 full time jobs will be created along with it

  • The waves will suit all abilities

  • There will be a north-south lagoon orientation to suit prevailing winds with one side of the lagoon always delivering offshore waves

In addition to the wave pool there will also be a multi-functional space, a surf shop, a surf academy, a hire store, amenities and even a licensed café – perfect for digital nomads who surf.


Once that's been completed though, where will they set up shop next? 


Alice Springs? Baghdad? Atlantis?


Nobody knows but if you want more information check out the URBNSURF website.





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