'Space' from JJF and Parallel Sea Just Dropped and My God... It's Beautiful

September 14, 2018

I can't help but think that any post surf ranch glow has just been extinguished by John Jonh and Parallel Sea's latest cinematic froth fest, 'SPACE'.


Of course, the timing could be a coincidence, but it does feel a little like this is John John's way of saying to the surfing world, 'I'm still here'. And by god, doesn't he do it in style?


It's the Phantom Flex 4k camera that captures his every rotation, high velocity gouge and throaty barrel alongside the powerful TD Jake sermon 'Dangerous Deliverance' that gives this film an atmosphere of purpose,  but it's John John's casually cool surfing in waves of consequence that really add credence to the claim he's the best surfer in the world, no matter what the WSL rankings say. 


My favourite part? An overhead right hander with a curtain of gurgling foam churns towards the camera, almost motionless it moves so slow. Then, the nose of John John's board stabs through the misty veil. His rangy frame soon follows as he free falls onto the face of the wave and composes himself, at about the same time that I realised I was holding my breath. 


I could go on, because since I've been laid up in hospital with a broken collarbone and a concussion, I've watched 'SPACE' about 40 gazillion times, but better I post it below for you to view instead of rambling on in a morphine haze for any longer.



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