August 21, 2018

Noa Deane has had plenty of ups and down in his career.


Barneys with sponsors and a literal fuck you to the WSL didn't really help his public image.


The refreshing thing about him was that he always spoke his mind, even at the risk of damaging his reputation.


But that was when he was a pup.


Noa's 26 now and all the wiser. He left Skeggs to focus on his surfing and is staging a full-blown comeback. His new movie HEAD NOISE is a declaration of independence. It's cinematic and balanced and beautifully arranged by Mikey Mallalieu. Surfing aside, it shines a light on Noa's personality without thrusting him into the middle of the stage. 


HEAD NOISE is as expected, also full of high performance surfing. From start to finish it grabs you by the shoulders and shakes until your teeth comes loose.


If you'd like to see what I mean, take a peek for yourself.


No matter what your opinion is of the bloke, you can't argue the kid's got talent.




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