$7,000,000 Big Ones: Surfing Australia's Upgraded High Performance Centre

August 8, 2018

 Are you excited or perhaps somewhat ambivalent about surfing making an appearance at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020? 


I still don't know how to feel about it. On one hand I'm curious, but it's the same intrigue that lures me to watch WSL events. Really, I just want to see if the waves are good. Waves that require creativity, balls and for surfers to throw heat strategy out the door and just catch the best fucking waves possible to win.


If I click on the WSL webcast and see waves reminiscent of 1ft, high-tide, onshore Gerroa, I'm out. 


Japan is not known as a red hot surfing destination, but it does have waves. Remember the wild swell the JJF and co tamed at that heaving right hander in Dear Suburbia? Of course you do. It was the best type of wave. A wave that that requires you to surrender any semblance of self preservation for a brief moment of glory. Oh no, not my bread and butter. But god dam it was a delight to watch. 


Training for those types of waves is a lifelong endeavour, but as far as training for Olympics goes, Australia believes its only a matter of dropping a shitload of cash to upgrade their high-performance facility in Casuarina on the North Coast of New South Wales. Read on...


The new expanded HPC is an officially recognised Olympic Training Facility and is four times the size of the original HPC building that opened in 2012.


The 7-million-dollar expansion that now offers a 4 level 4000 square meter state of the art facility includes:


· Bigger and better Aerial Surf Skate Training Facility including skate ramps rolling into air bags, half pipe, 2 x Olympic trampolines, 1 x super trampoline, foam pit and climbing walls.


· Significantly expanded and improved world class gymnasium

· 100-seat auditorium
· 5 x larger coaching and treatment room facilities 
· 11 new accommodation rooms with double beds and ensuite/bathrooms
· New large dining and kitchen area
· Lockers rooms and bathrooms
· Office space that houses the entire Surfing Australia staff (235 square metres)

· Underground parking for 18 vehicles


I don't know about you but the thought of Australia's next generation of talent bouncing around on a trampoline and trying to wiggle their lithe little bodies out of foam pits seems sad. So much money for 'things'. 


Why can't they just put the money into buying a sick pad in Hawaii and pay for all the grommets to fly and stay there for the winter? Doesn't that seem like a better idea? 


Is widely known that the only and best way to get better at surfing is to surf more. 


I can't imagine Brazil having and/or rolling out a high performance centre like this anytime soon and fuck me if they aren't killing it when it comes to the Pro Juniors and QS and the WSL.













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