Seth Moniz is a Wizard

August 7, 2018

Or, at the very least, he's been genetically altered and imbued with the enviable ability to pull off airs that make anything I've ever attempted look petty and embarrassing. Then again, the only time I've ever put some air between board and water is with a straight-hop over some chop. Seth Moniz ,however, can generate speed and find a willing ramp in even the most uninspiring conditions. Need an example? Feast your eyes on this impressive display of above-water acrobatics and try to tell me that every other surfer at the US open doesn't look like a total bore next to him. 


If that doesn't make your heart flutter with excitement, further proof of his love for getting inverted on a surfboard can be seen below.


Surfer's like Seth make otherwise dull events like the US open interesting. Let's hope he doesn't have that spark for hucking big, beautiful airs extinguished by the WSL and that he remains perfect.


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