Sick of Exorbitant Airline Surfboard Fees? Here's an Alternative.

April 5, 2018

Dragging your board from airport to airport or via waveless towns and countries en-route to the ocean is about as fun as playing keepie upsies with a shit covered brick.


Sure, maybe you’ve got a coupla rollers on your boardbag. Easier, yes. But have you tried navigating the cobblestoned streets of Antigua with a jockey wheeled coffin? Because I assure you that is no bueno.


Luckily though for the average travelling waxhead, there’s a new and relatively affordable alternative to this all to familiar quandary, Awayco.


 Boards such as these!!!!!.... will not be available for hire.


The premise is simple. Sign up for a 60USD a month subscription and get access to a range of saltwater planks in Australia, California and Bali. All damages including dings and breaks are covered and you have the opportunity to book your boards in advance.


For me, Awayco is a sexy and convenient option. The innovators themselves propagate it in a way that both appeals to and captures the imagination of the part time frother.


“No more buying the wrong board and riding it anyway. No more yellowed quivers collecting dust in the garage. No more excess-baggage fees, cramped rental cars or missing the best day of the year because you don’t have the right board.


With Awayco, you navigate the earth unchained. You go by tuk-tuk, instead of by van. You explore cities and mountains when the surf goes flat. You tinker, discover and play — riding shortboards, longboards, performance shapes, twin fins and bonzers — because every day is different, and because now you can”


 Next up, Surfboard hire for your hound. I call the company, "Subjecting your pooch to paralysing fear for your delight... co"


Grandiose, no? But oh how beautiful. You cannot deny the practicality of this venture. And only a fool would resist the allure of such a munificent offer.


It’s like they’ve finally made hiring surfboards acceptable, even though snowboarding has been taking advantage of this niche for years. What's next... hire a razor scooter perhaps? Forgive my petulence, but it's easy to lob grenades at an idea when you're jealous that you never thought of it. I think they call that being bitter.

 Guinness... also bitter. But maybe not as bitter as me.


So, can you see yourself renting a surfboard next time you take a trip to Bali or Trump country? Or are you a blithe so and so much like myself, resistant to change no matter how much cheese it will save you in airport fees?




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