FREEZING - A cold water surf adventure

December 13, 2017


I love a good surf flick; especially one that's taking the piss out of surf culture.


Endless Summer II is an obvious favourite for surfers around the world (RIP BB). I still remember watching it on VHS when I was a little tacker. Dad even had an ES II t-shirt that came with the video... I wonder where that is actually.


Anyway, a quick search of the net for other surf films that offer a dash of comedic respite led me to FREEZING. I won't give too much away, but essentially it's about two pommie blokes trudging through snow and battling gale force winds in Iceland to look for waves.


Needless to say, there's no high performance surfing to be seen, but it's low-key, well executed and actually quite funny. Click on the text below to watch it for free on Vimeo.


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