Surfing In Taghazout, Morocco - An Exotic Wave Riding Adventure In The Sahara

November 13, 2017

Pumping surf and warm weather meets laidback bohemian charm in this vibey little Moroccan fishing village. Learn all you need to know about surfing in Taghazout by reading on below!


Where is it?


Located about 20 odd clicks north of Agadir in the southwest of Morocco, Taghazout has long been on the radar for both novice and experienced European surfers alike.


In the 1960’s, Taghazout enjoyed a bit of popularity amongst soap dodgers, much like Kuta in Bali and Calangute Beach in Goa. In fact, the whole town is still dripping with rustic bohemian charm decades later. It’s only now beginning to find its way onto surfer’s itineraries outside of the old world due to its exotic allure, consistent waves and increasing accessibility.



If you’ve ever considered learning to surf in Europe, but aren’t too thrilled with thick wetsuits, freezing water and crowds that make Mecca look like your local bus stop, maybe Taghazout is the place for you.



What Are The Waves Like?


Morocco is famed for long right-handers that run for kilometres down dusty, desolate desert points (think Dane Reynolds in First Chapter). Emerald green tubes, leg-burning setups and stiff offshore winds are all tell tales signs you’ve made it to the land of Bedouins and barrels.


Spring is slightly less consistent and summer can be flat for long periods, but even just a little bit of swell and some east wind can light up the breaks. If you’re just learning how to surf you needn’t be too picky what time of the year you go – chances are you’ll score some waves.


The best time to chase waves if you’re serious about surfing in Taghazout though is anytime from September till April; however late October to March (peak season) is when more experienced surfers emerge from their summer swell induced hibernation. During peak season, winter storms push up from the South Atlantic and send pulses of swell wrapping into every little nook and cranny along the coast.


This warrior is about to get pitted off his devon patch


Anchor Point is one of the main waves you can surf in Taghazout, first shredded by some very lost Aussies back in the 1960’s. It’s a super wally right-hander that has a good run-around, meaning your arms won’t turn to noodles too quickly. Other spots to check include:


Will I Need A Wettie?


During the peak season when the water irks on the cooler side of bearable, you’ll definitely want to bring at least a 3/2 to keep your nips from freezing. Given the wind chill factor can be brutal, anything thinner would be like taking knitting needles to a knife fight. This is the Atlantic Ocean, and if it looks cold and unforgiving from shore, chances are it is.


During spring you’ll still want to rubber up with a 3/2 in the morning. In the middle of the day when it warms up, you’ll probably live to tell the tale in a short arm wetsuit – you are only a few kilometres from the Sahara Desert after all. In June, July and August you’ll find the surf is much tamer (perfect for beginners) and the sun, much harsher. Boardies and a bikini are fine this time of year, but bring a wettie top or rashie to keep the sun off your back. For more info on sea and air temperatures, see below.


Average Air Temp

 Average Sea Temp


When Is The Best Season To Go?


This depends on your skill level. Experienced and intermediate surfers can surf all year round, but if you’re doing a strike mission and want to time it right for a decent swell, your best bet is to plan a trip between October and March. For all you landlubbers that are yet to experience the ecstasy of surfing but want to get the most bang for your buck wave and weatherwise; July, August and September won’t disappoint.


A one way ticket to barrel town please


How Much Will It Cost Me To Get There?


Getting to Taghazout isn’t a mission, but that depends on your budget. Flying into Agadir from Europe and taking a bus to Taghazout is the easiest option, however you can cross into Tangier from Spain and do the 8.5 hour drive if you’ve got a set of wheels.


It also depends on what time of year you’d like to visit.  For example; a return flight from Brussels to Agadir during July will set you back around 200EUR. The same flight in December will only cost you anywhere between 40 - 60EUR. Cheap, right? A return flight from London to Agadir in July is a wee bit more expensive at about 250EUR, but in December you can get there for prices similar to that of Brussels.


With that in mind, if you’re coming from Canada or the US, you’ll probably want to book your flights on Skyscanner separately instead of looking for a packaged bundle. My advice is to get to set an alert for flights from either Toronto or New York to Paris and then to Agadir on Skyscanner. If I do a quick search now for flights in October from Toronto or New York to Paris then Agadir and back again, it comes out at circa 1000CAD and 800USD respectively. Bare in mind that same route during summer is going to be much more expensive.


If you’re feeling particularly parsimonious, you can even book a bus. Eurolines can take you to Casablanca, Tangier or Marrakesh, however you’ll have to use local transport routes to get to Taghazout once you’re there. If you do fly into Agadir, city buses No.32 to Taghazout and No.33 passing through on route to Tamri. A taxi will also cost around 300 dirhams. The bus however arrives every 30 minutes from 6AM to 8PM and takes 45 mins. Cost is 7 dirhams and it stops in the centre of town. From the Agadir long distance bus station, you can take a taxi to Taghazout. The taxi should cost about 150 dirhams. Check out the current exchange rate here.


The Best (And Most Affordable) Accommodation And Surf Camps


There are a multitude of uber cool places you can book on AirBnB in Taghazout, with the average price hovering around 500EUR (753AUD) for a two-week stay in your own place during July. That’s just an average of course, and you can snavel up a private place for much less or a lot more depending on your personal preference. These prices drop ever so slightly in December, not to mention if you can get a bit of a crew together, you’re going find you’ll pay nearly f-all in accommodation costs.


The cheapest options however are of course the local hostels. Far from being a scuzzy shanty, the hostels in Taghazout exude a distinctly laidback appeal and offer a host of other features that an AirBnB cannot, including surf lessons, cheap in-house meals, activities for flat days and of course, the opportunity to get to know the locals (and where they surf). It’s important to note, pretty much all of these places offer surf camp and surf lesson packages as well, so make sure you look into that when you’re booking. Feel free to check out the list we’ve compiled below but we encourage you to do your own research to get a real feel for the place.


Hashpoint Surf Camp

Check prices, packages and availability here


The team at Hashpoint Surf Camp are dedicated to helping you learn the basics of surfing, right through to other aspects of reading the ocean that are invaluable to the art of wave riding. Their experienced team is always on hand to offer a few pointers plus the beach side surf house itself is comfortable, cosy and within walking distance to everything in Taghazout. You’ll also get some cracking views of the local setups and access to their comprehensive surf shop.


 Could get used to this setup!



Taghazout Surf Hostel

Check prices, packages and availability here


Taghazout Surf Hostel is a tidy little surf house located in the centre of Taghazout, meaning you’re never far away from restaurants and the water! Quaint yet modern, this hostel is a cool blend of surfing and yoga – great if you want to get fit and have fun. It’s also a melting pot for people from all over the world, excellent value for money and run by incredible staff that can help you with whatever you need.


Surf, eat, mind surf, repeat... 

Photo cred: Taghazout Surf Hostel



Adventure Keys

Check prices, packages and availability here


Adventure keys first and foremost has one of the most impressive locations out of all the hostels, with striking views along the coastline that allow you to check a few surf spots without even leaving the compound. All packages are tailored towards the budget surfer, however the quality of your accommodation and the experience isn’t compromised. You’ll still be treated to down to earth service and all the modern conveniences one would expect from a top tier surf hostel.


Feeling tired after surfing is one of the best feelings in the world. Where else would you rather be after a long day chasing waves than kicking back and replying all those rides in your head

Photo cred: Adventure Keys


Sunside Surf House

Check prices, packages and availability here


Sunside Surf House advertises itself as a “sunny place for making lifelong memories and friends from around the globe, topped with spectacular rooftop, unique guided tours and tailored surf lessons”. The place looks incredible and it’s got a fantastic location right next to the beach. It also boasts a super authentic Moroccan vibe – perfect if you really want to get a taste for the culture! Not to mention the rooms have a shared bathroom and it features free Wi-Fi.


Lookin' for my mate bazza... have you seen him?



Roof House Taghazout

Check prices, packages and availability here


Situated in the heart of Taghazout, Roof House Taghazout surf hostel abounds with rustic Moroccan charm and makes for a perfect place to meet new people. Operated by locals with years of experience surfing nearby waves, you’ll be hooked up with A+ tucker and qualified advice from some of Taghazout’s very best board riders. Whether you need transport or a surf guide for your trip, Taghazout Roof House can deliver.


 Here we see that's it's not the quality of the photo that matters, it's the quality of the food and the people around you (awwwwwww)

Photo cred: Roof House Taghazout


Amayour Surf

Check prices, packages and availability here


Have a taste for the finer things (and waves) in life? Me too! That’s why Amayour Surf is so god dang appealing. Not only is it trendy to the point of being too schmick to book, it’s also got all the right ingredients for when you need a little flat day fun. Not to mention you can also tell your friends back home pro surfer Alan Stokes taught you how to surf! Oh, and did we mention you’ll be eating local meals prepared fresh daily using only the finest Moroccan fixings? Sign us up!



Do I even need a caption? Yes, I suppose, but only to say that this sunset vista from the balcony of Amayour Surf brings a tear to my eye it's so beautiful

Photo cred: Amayour Surf


Sunset Surf House

Check prices, packages and availability here


Sunset Surf House is a joint you want to stay in if you’re dead set on learning how to surf. Not only do they offer bus transfers, delicious breakfasts and homemade dinners, they also facilitate lay day activities such as yoga classes and trips to areas such as Paradise Valley. The rooms look pretty dang cosy too!


 "Hey Alex, I love you, but I'm going surfing in Morocco for 6 months ok seeya"



Surfboard, Car And Equipment Hire In Taghazout


As I said before, most of the places that offer accommodation also offer surf camp, board and wettie hire and surf lesson services. If you’ve booked an AirBnB however and want to pick up some gear or learn to surf but aren’t staying in a surf house, the following places will get you decked out and standing vertical in no time at all!


Hashpoint Surf House


As well as being a killer hostel, Hashpoint Surf Camp also maintains a pretty tidy little surf shop where you can rent boards and organise surf lessons. Simply talk to the friendly staff, tell them your skill level and they’ll let you know what they think is best for your situation.


Taghazout Surf Cars


Taghazout Surf Cars have a stellar range of quality equipment on offer for the budding surf warrior, alongside some fantastic value for money vehicles to get you from A to B (without missing the swell). They also offer excursion packages to Ourika Valley, Ouarzazate  and Paradise Valley among other destinations. Find out more about bookings here.


Almugar Surf Shop


If you’re looking for brand name clothing, accessories, wetsuits and surfboards/boogie boards, skimboards and more to buy or hire, check out Almugar Surf Shop. The experienced team there can help you find everything you need for your Moroccan surf safari. They also offer accommodation and yoga courses – learn more about their surf shop here.


What To Know Before You Go


The only thing worth mentioning pretty much goes for anywhere you surf in the world that’s not your home break. That is, take time to smile to the guys and gals already in the water and always be respectful of the locals. Fortunately, Moroccan surfers are more than happy to share their waves, however you should never snake, drop in or paddle for a wave if there’s already someone on it. Just be cool and put your time in learning the ins and outs of the lineup. Pretty much what we’re saying here is it’s ok to have fun, catch waves and let loose – just don’t act like a dick in and out of the water. Cheers!

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