5 Dishes You Need to Try in Austria

February 13, 2017

The opera? Sure! Skiing and hiking in the Alps? Why not? The Sound of Music? Hmm maybe not. Even if you don’t have the money or the energy to do any of those things when visiting Austria, you have to try the food. Eat yourself through this small country tucked away between Germany, Hungary and Italy!






Who doesn’t like a good sausage? But listen, this is not your regular sausage, the Käsekrainer is filled with cheese. Yes, cheese. Now you can indulge in two of your favourite comfort foods at once. Have some mustard with it, a little bit of Kren (horseradish) and a fresh roll (Kaisersemmel) and you are in for a treat.






Have you ever thought you’d just like a big portion of dessert instead of a tiny one after the main course? If that’s the case, then Kaiserschmarrn is just the meal for you. An extra fluffy, shredded pancake topped off with icing sugar and a side of cherry or apricot jam. This dish is heaven for any sweet tooth.


Wiener Schnitzel




I know you’ve probably had Schnitzel before as it’s a popular dish all over the world but you still have to try this Viennese speciality when in Austria. A large and thin piece of crumbed veal traditionally served with potatoes with parsley or a potato salad. If you opt for the salad ask the waiter for Kürbiskernöl (pumpkin seed oil) as dressing. Alternatively, you can have some rice with it and half of a skinned peach out of a tin filled with cranberry jam. Can’t go wrong with this classic!






Another delight for dessert lovers. Marillenknödel are dumplings made of potato dough filled with an apricot. When you cut them in half with your fork you’ll see the sizzling sweet apricot that goes perfectly with the soft dough. A little icing sugar sprinkled on top is the perfect finish for this Austrian dish.






This is a dish for cold days and it can cure hangovers. Trust me! Kasnockn are pan-fried special noodles (Spätzle) with cheese and onions. You typically have a side of a green leafy salad with it to balance out the richness. This is pure indulgence. You might want to have a shot (Schnapps) afterwards to help you digest this beast of a dish.


There you have it. A few of the many typical dishes of Austria that will definitely fill you up after a long day of hiking, skiing or snowboarding. Guten Appetit!

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