Beer Battered And Chip Crumbed Snags For An Aus Day BBQ

January 25, 2017


If you intend to consume more than just alcohol and illicit substances this Australia Day then here’s a little recipe that’s sure to be a winner amongst your more uncritical carnivorous friends. See the full video for instruction here, but for now, just gather up the goodies you'll need.


What You'll Need

  • 3 lamb sausages

  • 50g of any flavour and type of chips

  • 100g of flour

  • 15g baking soda Salt

  • Your favourite beer

  • Tomato sauce

Our advice? Ditch the Smiths Chips for Kettles to get a bit more extra flavour and fool vegetarians by telling them their imitation snags. Best thing is, because they’re crumbed they won’t know they’re eating the reused carcass of murdered lambs until after they’ve bitten into them... mwahahaha.


Also, exchange VB for Coopers, one of the last remaining breweries that are actually 100% Australian. Enjoy and thanks Urbanspoon!


P.s. Yes, they do look like Mr. Hanky has rolled in corn flakes when they're done, but they taste unreal.

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