The Top 5 Travel Destinations For 2017 You've Probably Never Heard Of

January 12, 2017

Pretty presumptuous title right? But there's actually tonnes of fantastic (and cheap) travel destinations that fly under the online radar... heck, there's heaps of them in Australia! 


If you haven't planned your next trip then the following towns, cities and regions are definitely worth some consideration. And while they may look like they're too good to be true, I can assure you that these places exist and are ripe for adventure.


1. Huanglong Pools, China


Huanglong Scenic and Historic Interest Area is a UNESCO- certified World Heritage Site that encompasses a series of cyan lakes, waterfalls, forests, and mountain scenery. It is located in the north-west of Sichuan Province, China, 3 to 4 hours from Jiuzhaigou.


The calcium carbonate deposits that form the walls begin at an ancient Buddhist temple which sits at the top of the valley and ends at the Guest Welcome Pond. The cool thing about these pools? They change colour depending on the season and can range from bold yellows, lush greens, vibrant blue and yes, unfortunately... muddy brown after a bit of rain.



The only minor draw back is that swimming isn't permitted, however considering the air temp hovers around 7 degrees celsius year round it's probably not that big of deal.


2. Sighișoara, Romania


Pastel coloured buildings, fairy tale good looks, the birthplace of Dracula and the fact that Romania is relatively cheap are all reasons to visit this picturesque little town. While it's not actually the location of Dracula's Castle, Vlad Tepes' (the inspiration for Dracula) stony fortress is only a 2 hour drive away.


That being said, there's other plenty of things to do, but it's one of those villages where just walking around with no set route is highly enjoyable. If you are in the mood to see some sights though, the clock tower and Church of the Dominican Monastery will quench your thirst for Baroque architecture.


3. San Vicente De La Barquera, Spain


San Vicente is located on the Cantabrian Coast of northern Spain and was once a small fishing settlement. It's proximity to the Picos de Europa mean that it has one of the most memorable backdrops we've ever seen. Expansive sand beaches with rolling green hills and 16th century castles in the foreground are put into perspective by towering snow capped peaks in the distance. 




If the charm of the village itself and striking views don't get you, the awesome beach break waves and pintxos definitely will.


4. Taar Lake, Iran


Iran may not be at the top of everyone's travel destination shortlist in 2017, but we reckon it's going to be a travel hotspot in the coming years. Out of all the many physical and man made wonders found here, Taar Lake is up there with one of the most stunning. Formed by an earthquake that occurred millions of years ago, it's now filled by the runoff from melting snow.




You probably haven't heard someone in Australia say, "Aw my flights to Iran were so cheap", as if it were Bali, so click here to find out more about how much it costs to get there.


5. Jervis Bay, Australia


Jervis Bay (or Jarvis Bay to the tourists) is situated 3 and a half hours from Sydney, Australia, give or take 30 minutes. Dolphin cruises, whale watching expeditions, fishing spots a plenty and some world class surfing locations make this destination a must for any overseas travellers driving along the east coast of Australia. It's also home to some of the most incredible white sand beaches in the world. Take a look for yourself.



Just remember to take your sunnies as the glare from the sand can be brutal!


So that's it for our list of travel destinations you've never heard of. Of course, some of you have probably read a bit about at least one of these places (pat on the back for you), so if you have any other recommendations on places we should cover let us know in the comments section.






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